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Image Walker Photo: A collection of the beauty and joy of the world I live in.

The Private Galaries are dedicated to the beauty of the Female Form. The two projects currently underweigh are
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Thomas Point Light    MD

July 25, 2010+br544+br680+br1


July 16, 2010+br453+br680+br2

Harbor of Refuge  Breakwater light

July 16, 2010+br850+br566+br3

Harbor of Refuge

July 16, 2010+br453+br680+br4

Fenwick Island Light     DE/MD

July 16, 2010+br453+br680+br5

Lens   Lightship Overfalls

July 16, 2010+br453+br680+br6

Burlington Harbor Light

December 22, 2009+br850+br680+br7

House 1

December 22, 2009+br485+br680+br8


December 22, 2009+br485+br680+br9


December 22, 2009+br485+br680+br10


December 22, 2009+br485+br680+br11


December 22, 2009+br485+br680+br12


December 22, 2009+br850+br607+br13


December 22, 2009+br485+br680+br14


December 22, 2009+br850+br607+br15

Light house

December 22, 2009+br850+br607+br16

Portland Head, Maine

October 23, 2009+br850+br566+br17

Anna's Hummingbird    San Jose CA

July 15, 2010+br453+br680+br18

Anna's Hummingbird    San Jose CA

July 15, 2010+br850+br566+br19

Red Shouldered Hawk    Marin Headland CA

July 15, 2010+br453+br680+br20

Turkey    San Jose  CA

July 15, 2010+br850+br566+br21

Brown Headed Cow Bird    San Jose CA

July 15, 2010+br850+br566+br22

Scott's Oriole  (pair)    San Jose CA

July 15, 2010+br630+br450+br23

California Quail (Pair)    San Jose CA

July 15, 2010+br850+br566+br24

American Kestrel    San Jose CA

July 15, 2010+br850+br680+br25

White-Crowned Sparrow    San Jose CA

July 15, 2010+br850+br566+br26

Mother and Pup Otter

December 13, 2009+br850+br607+br27

Great Blue Haron

December 13, 2009+br849+br680+br28

Great Blue Heron  (Ardea herodias)  San Jose, CA

November 14, 2009+br849+br680+br29

Mary Jane

August 15, 2010+br850+br566+br30

Victoria Vertugo

August 15, 2010+br453+br680+br31

Kathy Dodge

August 15, 2010+br850+br607+br32


August 15, 2010+br485+br680+br33


August 15, 2010+br485+br680+br34


August 15, 2010+br485+br680+br35

Laura Sheer (pinup shoot)

August 15, 2010+br850+br680+br36

Geno Gonzo

August 15, 2010+br850+br607+br37

Dalas Renee

August 15, 2010+br485+br680+br38


August 15, 2010+br453+br680+br39


August 15, 2010+br850+br607+br40


August 15, 2010+br544+br680+br41


August 15, 2010+br485+br680+br42


August 15, 2010+br850+br566+br43

Kymberly Jane

August 15, 2010+br850+br607+br44

Alesis Nicole

December 13, 2009+br453+br680+br45

You said to dress formal

August 10, 2010+br485+br680+br46

How do you like me in Red

August 10, 2010+br485+br680+br47

Air Conditioning circa 1947

August 10, 2010+br485+br680+br48

Wait for October

August 10, 2010+br453+br680+br49

Honoring Elvgren

October 23, 2009+br850+br680+br50

Honoring Gil Elvgren

October 23, 2009+br544+br680+br51

Honoring Gil Elvgren

October 23, 2009+br850+br680+br52

Honoring Gil Elvgren

October 23, 2009+br544+br680+br53

Honoring Gil Elvgren--

October 23, 2009+br408+br680+br54

Night in Marin

December 16, 2010+br850+br566+br55

Santa Cruz Harbor Light

December 16, 2010+br850+br566+br56

Pigion Point Light

December 16, 2010+br850+br657+br57

Star trails at Loan Pine CA

December 16, 2010+br850+br566+br58

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